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About the MeterStar system is a combination of Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM), Satellite, and Internet technologies specifically designed to provide natural gas measurement information from hard to reach remote facilities economically. MeterStar is a fully self contained interface that obtains a daily report from an EFM at a predetermined time every day. It then transmits this information via satellite to a data center where the information can either be made available through a very powerful and easy to use WEB interface, or it can be sent via e-mail to your data center for internal uses.

The MeterStar knows how to communicate in the native protocol to the following devices:

  • Bristol Babcock™: BSAP
  • Fisher / Emerson™: FloBoss ROC and ROCplus Protocol
  • Dynamic Flow EChart and MicroMV
  • FlowStar / CalScan: Hawk 9000
  • Cameron / Barton / NuFlo: Scanner 1140
  • Enron Modbus and Generic RTU Modbus
  • ABB TotalFlow™

  • Other devices will be supported in the future. The daily information obtained varies by the type of satellite system used. Those with that use Globalstar with our Avalanche are full API 21.1 compliant data with configuration, snap shots, daily logs, hourly logs, event logs, and alarm lots. Those that use the INMARSAT D+ or IsatM2M are limited to yesterday's average flowing differential pressure, yesterday's average static line pressure, yesterday's average temperature, and yesterday's volume along with snap shots for the same data. This information is then transmitted via satellite utilizing the Inmarsat or Globalstar satellite system consisting of a constalation of satellites. IMARSAT provides world wide coverage as shown below:


    MeterStar is packaged to be easy to use and setup, we provide the device ready to go. Simply mount the MeterStar facing south as you would with any solar panel, hook up the cable to the EFM and let it work.

    MeterStar has more features for special applications. An instantaneous update of current flow information can be provided at intervals ranging from hourly to weekly. The MeterStar can also check the EFM periodically (typically every 20 minutes) and check for high or low alarms for differential pressure, static pressure, or temperature. If an alarm condition is present, then the alarm will be transmitted to the host immediately.

    The MeterStar package includes all mounting hardware to mount it directly to a pole.