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Advanced WEB Based Well Controls via Satellite

MeterStar™ is a combination of Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM), Satellite, and Internet technologies specifically designed to provide natural gas measurement information from hard to reach remote facilities economically. MeterStar™ is a fully self contained interface that obtains a daily report from an EFM at a predetermined time every day.

This information is transmitted via satellite to a data center where the information can either be made available through a very powerful and easy to use WEB interface, or it can be sent via e-mail to your data center for internal uses.

Here are some images of what you can find in our web based data viewer.

Common MeterStar well Display

Pemex Offshore Platform
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Compressor Monitoring Display

Custom Display for Globalflows Optimizer System.

Drill down Graphs, Daily or Snapshot

Custom Field Access (drill down hotspots) MillerDyer Co.

Other High resolution well displays
Wyoming Dehy Compressor station XTO Energy

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