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What’s New?
Meter Star is becoming “the” world wide solution to automation. MeterStar’s ease of use, quick setup, and reasonable cost makes it desirably competitive.  New for 2005; Meter Star adds rich web-user interface with management capability with functionality and growth. Like our vehicle tracking solution Star-Traxx; the MeterStar system has the option of portability and may be moved to a new location without any additional setup fees.  This is an ideal solution for those who have changing or temporary measurement and control requirements.

Our intuitive WEB interface provides user security permitting personnel unlimited access to specific functions which they are specifically authorized. System level functionality is provided to allow customers complete control to add, edit, or remove devices from the system.

Take a look for yourself and see what new features have been added to MeterStar; we are sure you will find there is something for everyone!

MeterStar now supports a wide range of devices using native communication protocols to support a wide selection of Electronic Gas Measurement (EGM) meters.

• ABB TotalFlow (both Modbus and TotalFlow ASCII)
• Bristol Babcock 33xx and ControlWave (BSAP Protocol)
• Control MicroSystems RealFlow based 4202 GFC (Modbus)
• Dynamic Fluid Measurement EChart (Modbus)
• Fisher Rosemont / Emerson 103,407,503 (ROC Protocol)
• FlowStar DCR-900 Turbine meters (Modbus)
• Generic Enron Modbus devices

The five I/O ports on the MeterStar board can be configured for individually selected Analog or Digital Input, or digital output. When configured as analog input a 10 bit A/D is utilized over a configurable 0 to 5 VDC, 1 to 5 VDC, or 4 to 20mA range. Each input can be configured for alarms supporting a Low Low, Low, High, or High High setpoint. In addition to reporting upon alarm, a current status is sent each day.

Our advanced notification methods include e-mail sent to any user configurable e-mail address or via a selection of SMS (Short Message Services) gateways to most cell phones world wide that support text messaging.

Typical applications include:
• Compressor Monitoring (run / stopped, suction, discharge, temp, etc.)
• Process Monitors such as tank levels, chemical injection, etc.
• Environmental Sensors and Alarms through RemoteIO (H2S levels, Tsunami warning and pressure sensors)
• Remotely monitor any sensor that provides a standard compatible output

With new features and new devices supported, we are confident that Meter Star (tm) is the best satellite solution on the market today. Our customers are a testimony to that, we thank all of our customers and will continue to give them the best support in today’s growing market.